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ClearCaptions for hearing impaired Seniors — ClearCaptions is a free service available to seniors with hearing loss providing text of phone conversations for people with hearing loss. Certified as a caption telephone provider by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), ClearCaptions offers an innovative suite of communication services on a variety of platforms, including personal computers, mobile devices and home phones. The phone equipment is free and plugs into your current phone - all that is needed is internet access.  It provides simultaneous print out of in coming phone calls and


To keep potentially dangerous medications from contaminating our ground water and to keep them out of the hands of youngsters, Suffolk County has implemented a program for the their safe disposal. Unused prescription medicines can be dropped off at any Police Station in the County. Many Public Libraries are also participating by having “Shed the Meds” disposal days. Check with your library for collection days.


The attached Benefits Bulletin file, in PDF format, covers updates to Social Security and Medicare for 2015.

2015 Social Security and Medicare Updates